As Box Up Domestic and Foreign Trade Co., we are passinoate about our ideas with our 1000 sqm capacity in our productioncenter established on 1850 sqm closed area, with roots of business experience based on 2000, and an experienced team. We areproducing polystyrene cosmetic organizers and many original home stuff with our renewed injection machines, with our molds which arecompletely our own design and we are expanding our product range everyday in the direction of requests from our customers.

Since our customer segment is mainly composed of corporate  companies and retail chains, we aim to be perfet in the field ofproduction and logistics, both at the point of finance and purchasing. In this respect, we offer a service which cares about quality, is suitble for human health, innovative, facilitates life, decorative and fully satisfies the expectations of our customers.

We would like to thank all our customers, both domestic adn abroad, who buy, use and enjoy our products...

We keep on growing!

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